Tuesday, January 16, 2007


this is a picture from the tournament night called tournament of chapeins we had fun


symmie said...

Hey girlie! I love the Pic!!! Write more blogs...I would love to read them! Tell me what you like to do for fun and stuff!

hernandezclan said...

Great picture! You're a cutie. Welcome to the blog world. Keep on bloggin!


Katie Ann said...

Yes, the Spyers are the champions!!!! Yahoo ... you are the best player on the Spyers team because you are a SPY .. but don't worry, I won't tell anyone .... oops, unless they read this then they already know!!!!!

Secret Spy Dad

Eric and Jessica said...

Hi, Great Blog!! I love the pretty pink colors!! Can't wait to read more blogs.

Cher said...

Hey KatieAnn,
Maybe I will use this pic in next year's calendar. So, tell me more about this dart tournament. Who were on the teams?

Aunt Turtle