Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my birthday

this is a picture from my birthday
with a pink dress and a pink crown with flowers and me smelling a rose it smelled good


Anonymous said...

Hi Princess , I love your Dress wait till I show India when she gets back from school she sure is going to love it.


Cher said...

Beautiful KatieAnn,
You are a wonderful child of God. I really enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your stories everyday.
Here is a story of mine:
I went to work, the store, out to dinner....and then came home.
Love ya,
Aunt Turtle

Anonymous said...

Hello my angel,

It was fun eating dinner with you tonight. Do you remember momma dropping the pizza in the floor? That was really sad (but kind of funny too...shhh, don't tell mommy). It was funny watching America's Next Idol and eating cookies too. But most of all, it was fun seeing you!!

All my love,

Timothy said...
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Grandpa said...

Hi princess just wanted to say hello, and hope your having a great day.


Anonymous said...

KatieAnn you are a princess!!! Thats MY niece :) I love you.