Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Silly Zoo Story

by Katie Ann Huy

Last year I went to the zoo. Sssss. We saw a snake and we got to hold it.
Then we heard a growl. Zoom! We ran and Crash! We almost knocked the
zookeeper down. Then we heard another growl. It was the lions growling. Then we saw an elephant and got to ride on it. Then we saw a monkey.

The End.


Spy Dad said...

I love the zoo. Lions are my favorite. Maybe I can go to that silly zoo with you sometimes. It sounds like a lot of fun. I might be too scared to hold a snake though. I can't believe you would hold a snake. But of course spies like to hold snakes .... OH NO, I SAID YOU ARE A SPY!!!!

Cher said...

Ah Ha! I now I know that you are a spy. What is a spy doing at the zoo? Were you spying on the animals? Or the zookeeper?
With all the crazy kids at your house now, I think your mom should be call a zookeeper!
Anut Turtle

Katieann said...

I love that story