Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Book Journal - Day 2

Mrs. Primrose was actually Darcy's mother, not her aunt. I was confused.
When Darcy was skipping coming home she put her doll, Angela, down and kept on skipping. Then she went back where she had put her doll down and Angela was gone! So she looked and looked until it was dark. She thought that Angela had dissappeared. She heard her mother Mrs. Primrose calling her to wash her hands for supper. So she went home to wash her hands for dinner. It was chicken and ice cream! She told her mom about what happened to Angela. She told her that she had real yellow hair and eyes that can open and close. Then she told her dad about Angela with the real yellow hair and eyes that can open and close. So the next afternoon, her dad went to find a doll that looked just like Angela. All afternoon. Darcy looked for Angela too, everywhere she remembered she went with her. Then Darcy's aunt, Aunt Tabby, got Darcy a present. That present turned out to be a doll too! Then, Darcy told Aunt Tabby about Angela, crying with tears.

I think it was sad that Darcy lost Angela, but then she got another doll which was the nice part. I think that it was good that Darcy's mother Mrs. Primrose got Darcy a doll named Angela and a gold string.

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