Thursday, July 26, 2007

the big stick in my toe

this is a picture of my foot with the big stick on top of my foot. The big stick actually went in my toe it hurt! so bad. that it was bleeding like crazy!!! all because I went outside with no shoes on.


India said...

Oh No keke hope you feel better it must hurt !!ouch .

Grandma said...

Oh, that was a sad day. It was the one time it was okay for you to scream in my ear! :) You were such a brave girl. It still brings tears to my eyes.


Aunt Lisa said...

OWWWWW!!! It hurt me just looking at it!

Cher said...

I found your heart sticker in my sleeping bag while I was camping in Idaho.....such a sad time...but I was so proud of you....and your dad...he had to pull that thing out of your foot.