Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Birthday!

This is me in my backyard at my bithday!!! holding my favorite doll

you should see the cake it is so beautiful. but you will see it

This is my birthday cake. My Auntie Jessica made it!

But it's not my birthday today. My birthday is on December 9th.


India said...

hi katie-ann i am cuming to see you next summer
we are going to dezneland.

India said...

I forgot to say ,your cake is so so pretty! I wish I was there

Grandma said...

That is a beautiful cake, but the princess girl is twice as beautiful!
Auntie Jessica had a lot of fun making your birthday cake. She loves you very much, and so do I!!


Aunt Lisa said...

That is the prettiest cake I have ever seen. I bet it tasted delicious too.

P.S. Great Job Auntie Jessica!