Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Easter Egg Baskets


Since it's close to Easter I made tiny Easter egg baskets.    

                                                                            First you're going to need :      

Wet Glue
water cup
empty egg carton
green foam or construction paper

 1. Cut the edge of the carton as shown in the picture.

2.Then cut out a egg cup and paint it.

3.Take the edge of the carton that you cut out in step 1 and cut a strip that is long enough to be a handle and paint it.

4.Take the green foam or construction paper and cut it into half an inch strips. the set them up however you want then put glue all over.

5.Put glue on the two sides of the cup then put each side of the handle that you made in step three on the glue.

You're Done!

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Cher said...

That is a cool craft! And you did a great job explaining it. If I had some kids here, I would make some of them.

Tony and Julee Huy said...

thanks Aunt Turtle!